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So i am loving this life of loves, laughs, and languor that comes after a busy work day... I don't really have any goals right now... taking each day as it comes which is awesome. I have met so many cool people! I wish you could go on dates with Girls as friends. Dating allows you to meet people and be entertained by people you have things in common with. So why don't we have something like this for meeting girls? Like friend dates? I think we should gosh darn it! Not like i don't have amazing friends already and i have met even more through work with my last position change but it is always exciting to meet new people and get to know them. Ps. I have a total crush on a boy. WE will see where it goes... So far so good. :)
Peace out!
87% Mike Gravel
81% Dennis Kucinich
77% Bill Richardson
73% John Edwards
72% Barack Obama
71% Chris Dodd
69% Hillary Clinton
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39% Rudy Giuliani
38% Ron Paul
34% John McCain
32% Mike Huckabee
27% Mitt Romney
22% Tom Tancredo
20% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

In other news. I moved into a friends house in watsonville. I went to court and am finally on route to paying off all my traffic bullshit. I am signing up for a course at cabrillo this semester... something light to get me back in the game. I am heading towards art histrory.
.Sarah i am so sorry to hear about your loss! He was too young.
Much love everyone!
So mom is helping wean me from miguel. Man it is hard this time of year... the bed is so cold. :( And I feel like I am almost protesting Christmas Cheer on behalf of the breakup. This isn't a choice it's a vibe. So my mum said no more miguel on Tuesday's Family night- it used to be our dinner and HOUSE night. Miguel will really miss my moms cooking and a TV. Mum said it would be easier for me and that i would have more fun, which i'm sure i will when i can focus all my attention on my awesome family. And when I think about it I haven't been to his parents house a single time since we broke up... It almost feels like he was useing tuesday nights as an excuse to get free dinner.
Work news... Thursday i will be working alone in the new job, and they want to change my hours from 8:00-5:00. Today I was told that they are prepairing to hire me down there, the gal that is training me let the cat out of the bag, she i think is getting promoted and i would be taking her job. So that is really exciting. Not that i didnt already have a hunch but now it is even more solid. Sweet. I will ask my mum for a tarot reading on what to do living situation wise. I wonder how much they are going to offer me in the new position... We shall see. So thinks are moving along as planned, it's all good.
Whoa! The CEO of our company just resigned... I don't know much about him, he seemed nice enough, he used to be the ceo of FAO Shwartz(right before they went out of buisness) And the 49ers (right before they went down the drain)... but it's a little scary, i'll bet out stocks will go down quite a bit before they go up! So thats that. I am learning how to be a Web designer. How cool is that?! I have no schooling on this at all. But here i am being taught how to work html and publish web site updates. It's all new to me. I'll be doing it by myself this coming week, and if all goes well... There will be a position opening up downstairs! :)
Note on housing: I am really considering moving into a room in a house to save a bit of money and being able to carpool with two people who work with me. And that would get me out of the strawberry rd house and it would give me an opportunity to save some money. I would only pay $400 a month now. My tarot reading said i shouldn't take financial risks right now... So yeah. Thats that.

Job news

So i just had a talk with the co-directer of all of catalog and store ops for West Marine. She is totally asking me if i am interested in taking on this position which will actually involve brain power and creative writing! It is so perfect and just the right time. She asked me what my long term goals where, if i was planning on staying with the company... blah blah blah... if you are interested it will be a wonderful opportunity for growth.. if you are not interested then let me know so i can have them start looking for some one else. So this would mean another big promotion! Which would be sooo excellent! I love how everyone here thinks i rock. I love how these things keep falling in my lap! I love having good connections. And i love being thought of as smart and capable (i am it's just nice when other people acknowlage it). So stay on the look out for exciting posts with bells and whistles! How great is my life getting? So this must be my bus. I'll take it. I can be an artist when i retire at 45! HA!
Everything in my universe is based on divine timing. I can dig tHAT... but please o please help me to manifest this little studio with all the right things in the right place, right now!
Say it with me now: Abundance will come to me quickly and easily enabling me to acquire this dream studio. I will have a smooth transition out of my current home. I will get this studio near the beach. My credit will not hinder my ability to get this place. If this is the home that is right for me now it will come easily.

2 min from the beach (26th ave), shared hot tub, full kitchen, full bath, a washer and dryer, AND i can keep my cat! I am going to check it out tomorrow and get a vibe for it.
A few events:
Mojo ran away has been gone almost 2 weeks. :( I am sooo sad about this! I love my mojo and i really want him to come back to me i miss him.
The positive side of that is that there isnt much keeping me in this house. Actually it is simply a matter or handling a debt which leads me to my next issue...

Again miguel has left me hanging financially by a thread. I am starting to realize... that the whole relationship there was nothing he really truly fully completed. Everything from cleaning, to making dinner, to sex was half assed. I just can't deal with that. I guess i realize that this living together really isn't going to work and he has nothing to make him be the guy i want him to be, because now he isn't concerned about pleasing me... So, i guess i just need to find myself a cheap car and be off on my own. Keep your eyes open for studios around aptos, scruz, soquel, wats, area. I need to get out... he is just pulling me down with him. I'm off to check out craigs list.


So i am single again! Mig and i broke up last weekend! I feel so good about this break up... suprisingly so does he! We are still living in the same house as roomates and friends...That will change when finances stabilize and or (whichever comes 1st) one of use meets someone we want to have over to the house. (big no no on the path to recovery)Int he mean time he moved into the other room. Anyway! I am so excited...and after 1 week i feel more like my old self. I am so thrilled at the idea of being totally selfish, and not compromising on anything! I can do whatever i want to my room, body, self, art... i just feel, like i finally made a correct turn on the journey of my life. :) so... in the mean time i am going to need some fun people to go out with to keep me distracted and feeling fulfilled... and a month down the line i will need a booty call. Anyone know any hot single guys who are in the "just want to have fun" Stage?
Peace! Mhua*


Soo.. lots of good stuff happening lately. I got a promotion with a $3.60 raise! Which means i will be able to move out without a whole lot of thievery and prostitution. Whhew... Thats what i mean when i say the universe always provides! :) Besides that i have been at the beach almost every weekend more often then not 2 times a weekend. I feel like i have so many good people around me. Good friends. I think that the relationships that were holding me back are finding ways to sever ties and i have no where to go but forward! What a great feeling this is.
I dyed my hair red again. As i was getting reading for kickboxing with kathy a little song got stuck in my head. Something like this... "you gotta wash that man right out of your hair.. you gotta wash that man right out of your hair...You gotta wash that man right out of your hair and send him on his waaay!"
So, next step is for a really awesome place to just become available to me for a nice price close to the beach in la selva! (this is my dream... i will manifest it how i choose!)It should have a fenced yard, allow animals..so i can bring my dog and kitty.. and have some very sweet...surfer/intelectual/artistic neighbors who are in desperate need of a playful black lab to entertain them while i am at work.
Let me know if you know of the place. The little dream pad near the beach with a cool landlord and sunshine coming through the windows. You may be able to enable my manifestation! Wouldn't that be cool? Then we can keep the circle of good will flowing. Man i sound like a hippi. Too much Nag Champa!
This is a pretty cool site. :)

so tonight i am going to a mexican club in san jose with cynthia and silvia. I'm hoping to shake my booty to some reggaeton and salsa and have some shots of patron on unsuspecting latin boys. :)
I'll let you know how it goes!